Social Outreach Programme, Rohtak, Haryana

  • Rohtak, Haryana

Presentation sisters in Rohtak are involved in providing welfare services towards empowerment of people with a special focus on women and children. Special attention is given for the implementation of SDG goals through education, animation programmes for women and children and promoting environmental conservation.


Social Outreach Programme, Bhalswa, Delhi

  • Bhalswa, Delhi

Presentation Sisters’ Social outreach & Vocational Training Programme in Bhalswa reaches out to the needy people of the locality with special focus on women and children. Various activities such as coaching centres for children, tailoring centres for women, Balwadi classes for kids, Beauty Culture, Mehandi designing and computer classes are carried out. Women’s SHGs and awareness programmes are conducted regularly. Children’s Parliament Groups bring out the leadership qualities in them who are the future of our nation.


Social Outreach Programme, Dabwali, Haryana

  • Dabwali, Haryana

Activities carried out:-

  1. Education of the rag pickers
  2. Rehabilitation of differently-abled children.
  3. Coordinating the SHG women’s activities
  4. Conducting vocational training –beauty culture, tailoring, computer course bag making, etc.
  5. Coaching classes for the school-going children & adult literacy programme


Social Outreach Programme, Patna, Bihar

  • Patna, Bihar

Activities carried out:- Sr. Dorothy PBVM, works for the people living at the periphery of the society to get housing, education, providing awareness, and acquiring social security schemes from the government. It is a ‘Rights-Based Approach’ based on three rights – Right to Shelter, Food, and Livelihood.

She works with the ‘city makers’ and engages with the vendors, construction workers, domestic workers, and homeless communities. It is about educating communities about their rights and empowering them. The two-feet approach of advocacy finds the organization engaging with the Labour Department, housing, and urban department, Patna Municipal Corporation. There are skill training centres where each year about 100 young women complete their training and are awarded with certificates. Learning centres are run in 6 slums for children to get a taste of education.


Educational & Social Outreach programme, Jiajor, Jharkhand

  • Jiajor, Jharkhand

The social, economic, and pastoral development of the Santal tribe is the main focus of Presentation ministry in Jiajor since 1991. Sisters run a hostel for the girls who study in the diocesan school. The mission progressed through developmental activities and animation programms which has raised the awareness level of the people and brought changes in their attitude, behaviour, and lifestyle. They have come to realize the value of the land and the need to safeguard the same. The children are helped to go for higher studies and are even holding government jobs.