Collaboration & Net Working

Inter Congregational Collaboration

Sr. Shalini Mulackal has been working with the Jesuits since 1999. She is a professor of Systematic Theology at Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi. She has been handling topics such as Introduction to Theology and Socio-cultural Analysis, Faith and Revelation, Mariology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Feminist Theology, Feminist Spirituality Dalit Questions, etc. She is also a visiting professor to other Seminaries and Formation Institutes. For a number of years she worked closely with the Center for Dalit Studies in Delhi and was part of the Team for publishing a 20 volume Bible commentary from the perspective of Dalits. She is an active member of Indian Theological Association (ITA) and has been elected as its first woman president and served the Association from 2014-17 in that capacity. She is also a member of Ecclesia of Asia (EWA) which has completed 20 years of its existence this year. She has been a member from its beginning and served EWA as its 6th coordinator. Besides she has presented many papers in national and international seminars. She takes keen interest in all issues affecting the poor and women in particular.