North India Province


Presentation Presence in Srinagar

The Presentation Sisters came to Srinagar, Kashmir from Rawalpindi at the request of Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir through Monsignor O’ Donoghue to open a school in Kashmir.
Year of establishment: January 1936
Ministry: Education
Pioneers : Mother Peter Conway, Mother Annunciata, Mother Sacred Heart Kavanagh and Mother Xavier

Presentation Presence in S.P. Mukherjee Marg, Delhi

The Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School at Delhi-6 began as St. Therese’s High School in 1924. The Archbishop Sylvester Mulligan O.F.M. Capuchin invited the Presentation Sisters from Rawalpindi to take over the management of the School.
Arrival of Presentation Sisters: 8 December 1939
Ministry: Education
Pioneers: Mother Gabriel Monks, Sr Augustine McGuirk and Sr Michael Murray

Presentation Presence in Jammu

St. Mary’s Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School, Jammu under the patronage of our Lady of Good Counsel lies at the foothills of the Himalayas.
Year of establishment: 4 April 1954
Establishment of the school: St. Mary’s Presentation Convent School was opened on 12 April 1954with 170 students on roll.
Ministry: Education & Social Outreach Programmes
Pioneers: Sr. Patricia Kelly, Sr. Stanislaus, Mother Evangelist and Sr. Mariette Mc. Bride

Anjali, Greater Kailash, New Delhi - Provincialate of North India Province

Year of establishment as Regional House: 20 April 1974
House Name: Anjali (Presentation)
First Regional Superior: Sr. Christopher Fox
First Indian Provincial Council: Sr Mechtilde Viccaji, Sr Christopher Fox, Sr Miriam John, Sr Anselm Mathew, Sr Salome Joseph And Sr Columba O’Flaherty (1977)

Presentation Presence in Rohtak, Haryana

The Presentation Sisters joined the collaborative mission in Rohtak at the invitation of the Arch Bishop of Delhi Rt. Rev. Angelo Fernandes.
Year of establishment: 18 September 1997
Ministry: Education and Social Outreach
Pioneers: Sr Stella D’Souza and Sr Regina Mathew

Presentation Presence in Jahangirpuri/Bhalaswa, Delhi

The Mission in Jahangirpuri began as a collaborative venture with the Jesuits to serve the poor migrants in the slum and the resettlement colonies around.
The ministry was shifted from Jehangirpuri to Bhalswa in 2013
Year of establishment: 1 July 1994
Ministry : Education & Social Outreach
Pioneers:Sr Marie Mathew, Sr Lucy Sebastian, and Sr Sneha Gill

Presentation Presence in Jiajor, Jharkhand

The Presentation mission started at Jiajor, Jharkhand to serve the Santal Tribals at the invitation of Bishop Telesphore of Dumka Diocese.
Year of establishment: 24 February 1991
Ministry: Education & Social Outreach
Pioneers:Sr Philomena Doss, Sr Vilhete Carvalho, Sr Jessy Lobo, and Sr Selma George

Presentation Presence in Mandi Dabwali, Haryana

The collaborative mission in Mandi Dabwali under Shimla - Chandigarh diocese began at the invitation from the Pillar Fathers.
Year of establishment: 20 July 1994
Ministry: Education and Social Outreach
Pioneers: Sr. Roselima D’Costa, Sr. Nisha Thomas and Sr. Rajini George

Presentation Presence in Patna, Bihar

The Mission in Patna began at the invitation from the Jesuits.
Year of establishment: 16 June 1997
Ministry: Social Outreach
Pioneer: Sr. Dorothy Fernandez

Presentation Presence in Priyadarshini Vihar, Delhi

The house was opened as the North Circle House in Priyadarshini Vihar on 27 September 2002, Sr Miriam Attel and Sr Marina Mathew formed the first community.

Presentation Presence in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - Inter Novitiate House

Year of establishment: 26 April 2002
Ministry: Formation and Social Outreach
Pioneers: Sr. Regina Mathew and Lucy Sebastian

Presentation Presence in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh

Presention mission in Sehore was established in the year 2016 with the dream of imparting education to the people of that locality and also for social outreach programmes.
Year of Establishment: 15 August 2016
Ministry: Education and Social Outreach
Pioneers: Sr. Alice Mulackal & Sr. Maria Thomas

Presentation Presence in Maharo, Jharkhand

Presentation presence in Maharo began at the invitation from the Jesuits for a collaborative Education ministry.
Year of establishment: April 2021
Ministry: Education, Social Outreach
Pioneers: Sr. Priya Vattaparayil, Sr. Teresa Hembrom and Sr. Anupoma Lakra